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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Be a Sponcer or put a Add on Jerry Cryouts Music Blog

Greetings From The Skunk Unemployment records and Me Jerry Criner AKA Cryout. This Blog I have been keeping up for a little while now. I am and I am going to do my best at keeping links for artist to promote there music. Now this is Your chance to help Make this blog more helpful For music fans and artist by advertising or giving a small donation. This would help this blog to grow and better help the music Fans and Artist. There are many things that are going on in this new year with the blog. The Skunk is going to add some more bands on to the blog. So Bands If you want to put a link on this blog to one of your sites that is promoting your music you can If the site has a wedget for you to promote you can put it on the site for a small fee and it stays on the blog and when the skunk says small fee The skunk means small fee 10.00 US that's is all. Of course the wedget would have to be looked at and if it is in the right content it will put on the blog. You big Guys like Itunes Emusic Zune Yahoo music Napster Aol music, I would hope that you would partner up with the blog or advertise The indie artist need's you to help also, It would be a WIN WIN thang. For Advertisement contact or bands wanting to place a Wedget on the blog. Oh we will Advertise more than just Bands and music sites Just drop us a line. Partners are Welcome also. Donations and payments go to Unemployment Records. Well The Skunk wants to play some of that good Funky Reggae music and put another Bottle on the Rack, Until Then DREAD over and OUT. This is one of the most popular Blogs In The World Help it to grow even Bigger.

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