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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Holidays From The Cryout Family,

Like The song say's OH yea, I been out but Im back, That Darn skunk and his little chipmunk friend Came over and put a spell on me, for popping his funky chicken danceing friend in the head with my guitar, I had to go to the voodo doctor. All right this is what's up. I have Cd's now of Righteous Medication For The Soul, you can order right from this page, I priced Them so that The poor slaveing working people, can afford to get one. 12.50 9 track's, You have to pay shipping, I want to let yall know about some new things I found on the web. Pod casting This is a good thing, It draws people to you like Those skunks draw to me, And Please check out, radio that you can upload and sell your mp3 file's. When I find thing's I share the info so my artist friend's will know that the places are there for you, Hey what's That I here it's Santas slay Bells Oh I love Santa he bring's Guitar's and mike's and fun things like that, knock knock Oh come in Santa, Whats that I smell OOOO no its the skunk and his little chipmunk friend. Please mr skunk dont spray me, What? You want to give me something, It's a peace agreement for 2 week's Thank's . Well yall I got to go Me and the skunk is fixen to party. LOVE, Peace ON EARTH Till the next Time Jerry CRYOUT Order your cd today here is the link.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

NEW CRYOUT mp3 Album music page

HEY WHAT Y'ALL BEEN UP TO? I just set up two mp3 albums at All my artist friends I think that you should go there and upload your mp3s for sale. First of all it is free, and you can upload all the tunes you want. Yea you get 80 percent of your sells, and there are a lot of other cool things you can do with this site. Well I haven't seen the skunk, but I have been smelling him real strong. I think he is pissed off about his funky chicken dancing friend. Don't y'all let him know about either. LOVE AND RESPECT CRYOUT

Friday, November 03, 2006


IT is two skunks sitting here trying to force me to tell them where another site is with some free CRYOUT downloads . OH My there tails are up and fumes are getting strong. But I have a plan. IM GOING TO WWW.MUSICFORTE.COM/MEMBER/CRYOUT Im clicking on the music now. oh oh there danceing around. One is doing the funky chicken, the others doing the James Brown. My plan is working, I just poped mr funky chicken in the head with my guitar. O O the one doing the JAMES Brown just took off running. Oh well I better go and put MR funky chiken on the bbq grill and put it on a slow smoke. LOVE YALL SEE YOU lATER. PS when you get to the site put CRYOUT in the artist search box.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


GREETINGS: IF you want to here and buy CRYOUT music just click on my profile link. Then click the audio button, You will be able to here streams of a lot of CRYOUT music. Even down load a mp3 album if you like. OH OH I smell a skunk I better go check things out. LOVE YALL CRYOUT

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Singer song writer Jerry Criner aka CRYOUT

GREETINGS: I never thought I would be bloging, Is that a word? I hope that many people and all artist would join in on the fun. I type with one finger and don't spell to good, but Im sure you all will still under or over stand me. I have toured the United States for over 15 years, I write and perform my on music. My first band was called MTA music together alway's. I was producing writeing the music, but had others singing. I was not use to my own voice. Well I had a percousionest repeeter and conga RASTA by the name of DAVID LAWRENCE from Kingston, who by the way dubed me Cryout, stayed on my you know what about singing my music. Well here I am. THANK JAH he put this person in my life. WE lost David aka PROFF this pass summer.,he is still in my hart and mind and never will be forgotten, IN other word's he is not dead. he lives through a lot of people. I have some music from thoughs days, I think there the only songs recorded of him doing lead vocals. I have some recording's out or released I will be shareing some with you all. My music is Funky Jazzy blusey with a reggae twist. Well I smell a skunk I need to see where he is ha ha. much Love and respect.. CRYOUT